Colorado Bourbon Whiskey

Finished with Aspen Wood Staves


Barrel Proof, Small Batch #6

Originally made as an experimental batch, Bad Guy is a wheated four-grain bourbon. 291’s first award-winning bourbon whiskey and it’s most bold, rich, and complex whiskey. Made from corn, malted wheat, malted rye and beech smoked barley mash, this whiskey is heavier on the sweet side despite its high proof. Always presented at barrel proof.

57.8% Alc. /115.6 PROOF

291 Colorado Bad Guy Bourbon Batch #6 is the perfect holiday whiskey. There is a crisp freshness reminiscent of the Colorado mountain air in the fall, with a richness and spice similar to the treats and baked goods we enjoy this time of year.

On the nose there is an assortment of baked fruits, such as peaches, apricots, and apples, all dusted with cinnamon and clove, and savored alongside rich toffee and a mug of steaming herbal tea. Aromatic cedar and eucalyptus add brightness to the nose just as an open window on a brisk fall day brightens up our home. The palate is bolder than first anticipated, with the high proof greeting us at the front door with a confident knock. And it brought its friends along: the eucalyptus, apricot, and spice. The greeting is a warm and welcomed one. As their joyful stay ends, we are left with oak, aspen, tingly cinnamon and clove, and subtle toffee on the finish.

.Bottle size: 750 ml

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Bottle size: 750ml

Please Drink Responsibly.

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Clove, cinnamon

Herbal tea, eucalyptus

Cedar, oak

Apricot, peach, apple


Parting company can be hard. But don’t worry. With each sip the warmth of these companions are welcomed back.

291 Colorado Whiskey is “Hardmade the Colorado Way”. Today (and since day one), Distillery 291 is distilling, grain to barrel to bottle, distinctive Colorado whiskey. Owner and founding distiller, Michael Myers, a former New York City fashion and beauty photographer, with a love of whiskey and passion for the old west, aims to replicate the taste, smell and folklore of that time, to create a one of a kind, bold and beautiful, Colorado Whiskey. Rugged, Refined, Rebellious.

Utilizing grains from the Colorado plains and water collected from Pikes Peak reservoirs, Myers turned his artist’s eye towards whiskey and hasn’t looked back. Everything matters.

Distillery 291 is an award winning, small batch whiskey distillery nestled in the stunning foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the distillery sits in the shadow of Pikes Peak where 291 Colorado Whiskey has earned bushels of national and international awards for its spirits with the unique character and flavor of a bygone era.

Named World’s Best Rye-2018 by World Whiskies Awards,9 Liquid Golds from Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible and 2-time US Micro-Whiskey of the Year (Runner-up 2020, 2018), multiple Double-Gold in San Francisco World Spirits Competition, nods from IWSC and Spirits Business Journal…

291 Colorado Whiskey embodies traditions of the past married with the boldness of the future. That said, what will always define Distillery 291 is its spirit, passion permeates every sip.





291 Colorado Whiskey Barrel Proof Single Barrel Finished With Aspen Wood Staves
291 Colorado Whiskey
Barrel Proof Single Barrel

Finished with Aspen Wood Staves


291 Colorado Bourbon Whiskey
Small Batch

Finished With Aspen Wood Staves


291 Colorado Bourbon Whiskey
Barrel Proof Single Barrel

Finished With Aspen Wood Staves